Sunday, October 6, 2019

Returning to Israel

Here we sit, at SeaTac airport, waiting for the first leg of our trip back to The Land. The 4 of us again, Ron, Candi, Julia n myself, second trip together to Israel for Sukkoth. This trip, also for Yom Kippur.
Next stop Chicago, Illinois, for  2+ hour layover.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

snow 2017

it began to snow about 2:30 p.m.on sunday, the 24th of December. i watched it till 4, then made the call to my employer, asking if someone would drive me to my shift, when they phoned back, i was told to try it on my own. so I left my home earlier than usual, made it to Hwy 101, where traffic was crawling along at 25-30 mph. i felt comfortable with this. made it to Blyn, turned off the Hwy, to a much less traveled road. it was dark, but light because of the  snow! the road was covered, about 1" in snow. i crawled along the curvy,  hilly 2 lane road for over 2 miles going 20-25 mph. reached my clients driveway, which makes a hairpin turn off the road, and is very steep down to another hairpin curve. i thought i would turn around, and leave my car up there, and walk down. it tool about 7 tries to get backed up, it was very slippery, and i was on the level area! finally got enough traction to back onto the road, and found a safe level place to park. bundled up, grabbed a flashlight, and trekked down to the home of my client. got in, greeted the family, the previous care giver left. however, she could not get up the driveway. so the family went out, and got her to the road, came back in, and told me to go home. Oh GREAT!! i just did this drive, now i get to do it again!! so i bundled up, the family drove me up to my car, then escorted me to the Hwy. I stopped to tell them tank you, and had to give my bluebelle alot of gas to get going. thankfully, there was a break in the traffic on the Hwy, so i didn't have to stop at the stop sign, but eased right onto the Hwy, and crawled back to Sequim at 30mph. 
so now i have really driven in snow!! 

then monday morning, i had a shift, just south on 3rd, 1 mile. tried to pull bluebelle out tof the garage, and wasn't getting traction. so backed right back into the garage. came in phoned my employer, no one available to take me, so i bundled up again, and headed out. it was so beautiful!! snowing all the way there. it took me about 20 minutes to walk up the hill, then had to  guess which driveway to use to get to her apartment. Father guided me, and i was at her building. spent my 90 minutes, then bunldled up and trekked home again. the snow had stopped falling, the snowplow had plowed 3rd, several times, made it home again in 25 minutes. so NOW i can say to my kids n grands " i walked 2 miles round trip, in the snow to get to work"!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

I drove in Israel!!!

At 7:30a.m. , Peter, Ron n I headed to the light rail, rode it down the hill, then by foot several blocks to the car rental place (which did not open for another 15 minutes). After 8, Ron walked in and told them he had a reservation, they said they had no cars. Peter asked if some were being returned? They said yes, Ron again said i have a reservation, they said they had no cars to rent, so Peter n i went next door (from AVIS to HERTZ) they had cars, AND wanted to rent to me!! So the process was started, and  i rented my first car!! AND i drove in Israel!! We, Peter n I, returned to the apartments to pick up Kenzie n Boaz, Ron returned and got Julia n Candi, the taxi had arrived for the Knudsons, so we were off to Caesarea. It took just over an hour, and was a pleasant ride(Peter drove). Only a few highway changes, and we arrived at Caesarea National Park. The ruins were magnificent!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sukkas everywhere

As the High Holy Day ends, i find it amazing how Jerusalem comes alive! After about 7p.m., most shops open. The light rail trains begin again to transport peoples from here to there. Restaurants are packed with peoples eager to eat. Streets are crowded with walkers. And there are Sukkas everywhere! Most restaurants have sukkas to eat in during this week.
Sukkas on balconies

Sukkas on terraces

Sukkas in alcoves

sukkas on rooftops

More sukkas on rooftops

Sukkas at restaurants

20th century kid

Wow!! Today is day 4 in Israel. Last evening, 6 adults & 3 boys under 3 years, went to the Western Wall. With the start of the Feast of Sukkot, which begins with a High Holy Day, there were many families already there. My first visit there, and my oh my! THIS is the West wall to THE Temple mount!! You know, The Temple where Yeshua taught His disciples, where HE ran out the money changers, where HE taught the elders at age 13! All that remains, is this wall of the west side of the mount.
Growing up on the west coast of the United States, i have never seen buildings very old, and certainly, not centuries old like here. I wish these rock walls could talk. I would sit all day to hear the stories of what they have witnessed. I suppose that must have been how the disciples felt about Yeshua, they would sit all day listening to him talk, teach, instruct and pray.
Walking thru the 'old city', realizing HOW OLD this place is, is...............mind numbing. I can't get my brain around it! I'm a 20th century kid, in a 1st century, no, even BEFORE YESHUA's time, place. I am BLESSED beyond words, that Father invited ME to come to HIS chosen land to celebrate the Feast of Sukkot.

Friday, October 14, 2016

First trip HOME........

Here i sit, in The Land!!! Wednesday n thursday were travel days. Slept well last night, and today have been out to the shuk,( open air market), a few other shops, grocery store, and now resting in our (brother Ron, sis in law Candi, sis Julia n I ) A.C. apartment.
Here is the view out our (Julia n I) bedroom window

Saturday, October 8, 2016

sewing for ........

WOW!! how time passes by! here i am 6 years later, ready to try this blog thing, again! most of my sewing these days, is for my granddaughters. they need clothes, and i love to sew, its a win win!!

these are the most recent, for my Posie, august 2016.